The Adventures of Alice in Make-Up Land


Alice follows the White Rabbit through Wonderland just as we search for the perfect bold lip in Make-Up Land. What better time of the year to discover your bold lip color than the Holiday season? With all of the parties and dressing up, a bold lip is the perfect accessory to complete your outfit.


So what shade is best for your skin tone? 


If you have a Fair skin tone:  Bright colors work best with your skin tone but stay away from colors that have an orange tint.

IMG_0007 (1)

If you have Medium skin tone: Look for shades that have neutral or blue undertones. Since you are in between fair and olive/dark you can get away with the shades that work best for their skin too.

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If you have Olive/Dark skin tone: Shades that have golden undertones and purple tones are best for your skin tone.

Not sure what skin tone you have? Check the color of your veins in your forearm. Do you see blue veins? You have fair skin. Do you see blueish/greenish veins? You have medium skin. Do you green veins? You have olive/dark skin.

Found your perfect color? Take the following steps to apply the perfect bold lip that’ll last hours!

  1. Exfoliate and Moisturize: Use a gentle exfoliant to get rid of any dry, cracked skin on your lips and apply a lip balm to moisturize your lips.
  2. Line and fill in your lips with either a nude or same shade liner as the lipstick you are applying. NEVER use a lip liner that is darker than the lip color you are applying.
  3. Dust finishing powder on top of your lined lips to set the liner and create a longer lasting lipstick application.
  4. Apply your lipstick or lip stain of choice to your lips, start in the middle of your bottom and top lip then blend outward. It is best to apply your lipstick directly from the tube to get a more intense color but using a lip brush works as well.

Trying to get the glossy look? After applying your lipstick, add a lipgloss that is either the same shade as your lipstick or add a clear shimmery gloss.

Going for the matte look? Make sure you choose a highly pigmented matte lipstick that doesn’t have any shimmer. Don’t apply a lip gloss or lip balm after applying your lipstick. Blot with finishing paper to lock in that “matte finish”!

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