Dear Wonder Woman


Dear Wonder Woman,

Thank you. Thank you for teaching us to be our own hero. You show us the importance of leaving your safe space and standing up for what you believe in. And you help us recognize that there is goodness in this world, and we have the ability to make a difference and help spread that goodness. We need to strive to see the best in people and help them do the right thing. But when the time comes, we can’t back down from a fight out of fear. And most importantly you remind us to fight for what is right. We need to help people who can’t help themselves. Because at the end of the day you help teach us that empathy and compassion for others makes us strong. We should be proud of both our physical and emotional strength because when we combine them together that is when we are truly strong.


So thank you for reminding us that we can take care of ourselves. We don’t need anyone to lead us or control things for us. Like you, we won’t sit back and let others make all the important decisions. We are able to speak up and let ourselves be heard. No one can silence us but ourselves. We have the power. And it’s up to us to unlock it. And with your amazing inspiration we can push ourselves to use that power. Because after all we are all superheroes.

With Our Sincere Thanks and Admiration,

The Team at Hello Gorgeous