The Grand Reveal: Psyching Yourself Up for the Dressing Room

“I believe that people are entirely too hard on themselves.”– Kim Fredrickson, Owner of HGB


Here’s the place where it all starts….the dressing room! So you’ve got all these great clothes, you go into the dressing room, you take off your top and suddenly you’re transfixed. You haven’t even put on the new top but instead you’re analyzing every little flaw on your body. AHH! STOP!


Rewind. Let’s do that again. This time, walk into the dressing room, hang up the possibilities, turn away from the mirror, take off your top and put on the new top.  And now turn around for the grand reveal! Either you like it or you don’t. If you like it, great! If you don’t, turn around and try on another one. The key is not to look at yourself naked in a dressing room mirror. I first learned this when I worked at a lingerie store. I would measure people for the perfect bra and then give them a bra and leave. I would be gone for 10 minutes or so to let them try it on. I would come back and check on them, and inevitably I would go back and the person would be standing there in the bra staring at themselves sadly in the mirror.




This occurred with every shape and size of woman. They would say “when I jump up and down my arms jiggle.” I ask you, how often do you stand in front of a mirror jumping up and down in a bra and panties staring at your arms? Not all that often. You have clothes on – your shield, your armor, your protection, and what you “suit up” in to conquer your day.




Chances are if you follow this routine you will discover your grand reveal. Clothes that make you feel gorgeous and powerful. Your clothes are your armour that help you conquer your day. Even if you don’t find the “perfect one”, you’ll discover something better. Celebrate your Gorgeous and love yourself in the messy t-shirt and old pants that you came in wearing.

So now, go forth Gorgeous! Conquer the mirror, conquer the dressing room! Surprise yourself. Love what you see and celebrate your Gorgeous!


3 thoughts on “The Grand Reveal: Psyching Yourself Up for the Dressing Room

  1. I love this advice…..You can see the outfit in a different light when you don’t have any negative thoughts about your “nakedness” still fresh in your mind. Lately I try to pick some things that I know will suit me and then I throw in a wild card, something that I wouldn’t normally pick, just to prove myself wrong! 🙂 some of the things I thought wouldn’t look good on me are now my favorite pieces of clothing!
    I love the fitting room strategy, Gorgeous!!!

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